ISO 14001 Certification Process Step

ISO 14001 Certification Process Step

ISO 14001 certification process has a laid out procedure which when followed strictly would lead to the awarding of the certificate. The first step is the ISO 14001 document review- the very first step to assess the quality management system of the organization. The auditor checks the present documentation with those of the required documentation of the standard. These documentation processes have to be approved before consideration of awarding the certification. This review of documents are generally done on site but at times they are done off site too. There is a checklist of the documents to be prepared which helps in capturing the lacunas. The second ISO 14001 certification process step is a pre assessment. The auditor may be requested to make a pre assessment to help prepare for the ISO certification.

The areas of concern are identified in this process and dealt with. There are two types of pre assessments , the first one is desk audit which is called over the desk audit with limited access to documents and the other is dress rehearsal which is a short cut method of the actual ISO 14001 certification process steps. Subsequently actual preparation starts like the Registrar checks the documentation, internal audits starts and completes a full circle with a final report, all the pre-identified gaps have been filled and the certification assessment date construction of the audit team and the audit schedule have all been agreed upon. The final ISO 14001 certification process step is the awarding of the certification when everything is found to be in order.


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