ISO 14001 Certification Requirements

ISO 14001 Certification Requirements

ISO 14001 certification requirement follows a plan to act before they can implement the certification. There are four phases to be determined in all. They are: in the first phase the environment policy is developed and the Environmental Management system is planned, the second phase is implementing the EMS, the third phase involves checking and reviewing and the last and the fourth phase is a continuous improvement of the EMS.  A document review takes place in assessing the quality management system. The 140001 auditor compares the prevailing documentation with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. Before certification happens the documentation has to be confirmed. Then a process of pre assessment is designed to prepare the company for the ISO 14001 certification requirements. An over the desk audit takes place with a limited access to records. This assures that the entire application of the certification is well understood. Then a kind of dress rehearsal takes place, like the personnel are interviewed, evidences are collected and evaluated and then the auditor takes you through the audit process and furnishes the company with feedback on the quality system of the process, followed in the organization. Following this series of activities would have taken place before the actual process of ISO 14001 certification requirements and implementation happen; like the documentation system would have to be checked by the Registrar. Several complete cycles of audit would have been conducted and the reports should be tabled to the management for review. All the loopholes would have been identified and corrected as a follow up of the audit reports and the date of the certification assessment, constitution of the audit team would have been decided and the schedule of the audit would have been discussed and decided upon beforehand. There are many ISO 14001 certification requirements which are needed by the organization to get this certification. They are:

  • An environment policy fully supported by the top management
  • To identify those aspects of the environment which are getting effected and the impact also is clearly identified
  • Requirements of identification of the environmental compliance
  • Objectives and targets are developed  and their program of environmental management
  • The resources, roles, responsibilities and authorities for the management of the environment
  • The competence, training and awareness procedures are developed
  • The EMS is communicated to all the employees, to the management and the stakeholders
  • The EMS documentation is developed which is required by the standard
  • Document control procedures are developed
  • Operational control procedures are developed
  • Emergency preparedness and response procedures are developed
  • Procedures to monitor and measure are developed that can significantly impact the environment
  • The compliance process is evaluated
  • Management of non-conformance is decided with a corrective and preventive action  plan
  • Development of the procedure of records management
  • Completion of internal audit of the EMS  and corrective action plan
  • Management review by the top management

There are two definite goals of the ISO 14001 certification requirements in two different stages. The First Stage determines the readiness of the company and defines the approach and duration of the second stage. The Second stage determines the extend of implementation of the certification.

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