Lead Auditor Jobs

Lead Auditor Jobs

Lead auditor job is to create and sustain a culture which is safe and produce a productive work environment in order to avoid and minimize HSE related problems. These problems are generally related to human injury, environmental degradation and unsafe working conditions and practices. The Lead Auditor jobs entail the conducting of risk assessment and treatment, develop security policies, processes, procedures, conduct audits and assessments, map controls and compliance requirements. He has to manage the certificate requirements and handle the entire documentation related to it. In the lead auditor job the candidate has to drive improvement initiatives across the organization, updating and controlling documentation in the QMS working with process owners, assist program teams in Quality metrics improvement. To drive and monitor audits according to the audit program and the QMS procedure he has to follow up of planning of each audit, including: notification of auditees, analysis, recommendation and submittal for approval of the audit plan, ensure that audit plan has been send off to the auditees, providing assistance to auditors during the preparation of the structure of the plan, interfacing and liaison between auditors and auditees.

In the lead auditor job he has to act as a facilitator of audits, ensuring the completion of the audit. Receipt of the signed audit reports within reasonable due time, ensuring that conclusions of the audit are understood by the auditees, are also important components of the lead auditor job. They have to manage and monitor nonconformities with respect to the QMS Procedure.  They should ensure that nonconformities are correctly entered into AIMS and all the sections are fulfilled, and have to make sure that relevant persons are notified non-conformance, occurs.  They make sure that follow ups are done on the responsiveness of process owners on non-conformities treatment, the corrective and preventive actions, make sure quality incidents are recorded into AIMS, ensure investigations are conducted and basic causes are identified.

The lead auditor‘s preventive actions are recorded into AIMS and monitor the corrective actions following the QMS procedures. They promote opportunities for improvement within the organization, use the results of Audit to identify opportunities for improvement for all QMS processes and monitor opportunities for the betterment of AIMS. To get a lead auditor plan he has to show proficiency in international standards, mastery in these standards, its ethics and objectives are very relevant to the job profile. He should have an excellent command over English and should have the skills to prepare reports and preside over audit meetings and client meetings. He should have the knowledge to do data analysis, objective thinking, and judgement and leadership skills as he has to lead a team of junior auditors and lead them to fulfilment of the audit exercise. He should have the ability to multitask and have a good knowledge of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9004, and ISO: 9000 & ISO 19011, whichever is applicable in that industry. It is a deeply satisfying job with lot of honour and respect and a good remuneration with a lot of motivation.


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