NEBOSH Certificate

NEBOSH Certificate

The NEBOSH certificate is a huge achievement in which you get recognition of your study of this course which in turn would fetch you a good job for the candidate. A candidate who has applied for the NEBOSH certificate would have burnt the midnight oil to study the syllabus in detail and obtain the pass marks to attain the accreditation. The NEBOSH certificate has international recognition and involves several Units of study, which are tested with written exams for each unit and there is a practical assessment too which is adjudged by a report of 8000 words based on the theory that the student studies for that period. People who take up the NEBOSH courses are the managers and the supervisors of the organisation or even those personnel who are involved with occupational health and safety. Once the participant is awarded by the NEBOSH certificate it is as though he has opened the floodgates of good fortune. There are many opportunities which come his way in terms of very good job offers with very high salaries and perks. There are many avenues which automatically open up.

The NEBOSH certificate also brings him offers from overseas and it is exhilarating for him to toy with the idea that multinationals are looking for him and he has attained a qualification which is recognized all over the world. He gets wonderful opportunities to travel to various places beyond the domestic boundaries and gain a lot of experience in terms of job and learn to handle people who come from different cultural backgrounds. There are Certificate and Diploma NEBOSH courses. Diploma courses give an in-depth knowledge of occupational health and safety whereas Certificate courses are of a shorter duration. The course providers in different parts of the world, follow the same syllabus but in different permutations and combinations.  The tutors are of great significance and so is the course material. Both have to be of very good standard otherwise it would be difficult for the students to pass and get the NEBOSH certification. The teachers are experts in their respective fields and they also share their expertise in framing the syllabus which the studies study. The course material is very well written to explain the concepts with a lot of illustration and graphical representations.

This is important because to pass the NEBOSH Certificate, the students have to concentrate on these study material and their attention span has to be really good to understand the concepts. The examples which are mentioned in the course are taken from real life instances so that there is immediate co-relation between the students and the examples given. Most of the managements have realized that safety is an issue of great importance and cannot be handled by the managers who handle this occupational safety issue as a part of their job profile. They needed trained personnel who would handle only occupational health and safety issues in an organization.

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