NEBOSH Course Provider Handbook

NEBOSH Course Provider Handbook

NEBOSH course provider handbook

It is very important that a prospective course provider is completely aware of the entire accreditation procedure and arranges for the necessary resources to put together a training program that meets the NEBOSH requirements to deliver the qualifications and also maintain the integrity of the assessment process. In the qualification web pack,  the NEBOSH course provider handbook sees them through the entire process of accreditation. It is recommended that the prospective course providers have all the relevant information regarding the accreditation formalities before they send their application. On receipt of a complete application in all respects with the supporting documents, inclusive of the course material and the timetable, along with the accreditation fee, subsequently NEBOSH would review the application. The NEBOSH course provider handbook initiates with a foreword sketching a background of the company and the usefulness of the course. The contact details are also found after the brief introduction.

To become a NEBOSH course provider, you have the details of the application for the accreditation, application for accreditation to offer specific qualifications and the UNITS, and the guidance to apply for the Part B accreditation which comprise of tutorial teams, practical assessments in the candidate’s workplace, training requirement for markers of the National General Certificate practical assessment, Diploma assignments, Environmental Diploma, timetable, and number of contact hours.  The NEBOSH course provider handbook also has the details of the renewal of NEBOSH accreditation and also a chapter on the appeals against accreditation decisions. Besides this, it also has the post accreditation responsibilities like the examinations officer, examiner’s contact details, circulate the NEBOSH correspondence and the data requirements. Regarding the Health Safety training course the chapters that are discussed are the Data Protection Act, Physical and training resources, Examination Arrangements, Suspected Malpractices, Reasonable Adjustments, Enquiries about Results, Use of NEBOSH logos, and Candidates Complaints. The best practices in the delivery of the of NEBOSH qualifications like the teaching qualifications, tutorial team compositions, physical resources, teaching equipment, learning materials, interactive teaching methods, maximum of students per course, post accreditation monitoring activities, monitoring visits to course providers, and various sanctions. It also discusses the enrolment and assessment arrangements by course providers – entry requirements, enrolment period and enrolment extensions. It also furnishes sample papers, question banks, notes for all subjects.

The NEBOSH course provider handbook is like a reference manual for the course provider anytime they get stuck at any juncture. There is another chapter which talks about the addresses of the websites which discuss the elements of health and safety in detail. The specimen question and answers are extremely helpful to give a clear picture of an exam paper. The answers prove to be excessively useful as the students get to know how to answer NEBOSH question and get the maximum marks. They can use the NEBOSH course provider handbook to revise the topics which they would have learnt in detail in the normal course material. To make studying easier, each chapter starts with learning topics and ends with questions taken from recent NEBOSH examinations.

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