NEBOSH Diploma Exam Questions

NEBOSH Diploma Exam Questions

NEBOSH Diploma exam questions

NEBOSH Diploma exam questions are based on the syllabus which a student covers to test whether he has been able to learn and grasp the subject. The first thing the examinee sees in the NEBOSH Diploma exam question is the use of the command words. For example the command word “Explain” is to provide a clear explanation of an idea, a word or even a picture. The student has to plan his answer in such a manner that he does not beat around the bush and bounce the answer around the question, a bit here and a bit there. If any question is asked in two parts the answer should also be ideally divided in two parts, labelling them clearly. If the question is asked on specifics of the manager or the supervisor, the answer should also be accordingly framed. The NEBOSH Diploma exam question should be answered in such a way that the examiner looks for opportunities to give them marks rather than deduct, due to incorrect answers.

All NEBOSH Diploma exam questions are compulsory and it is not a good idea to leave questions unanswered. A plan of time allotment has to be decided upon, that is, how much time to be allotted to each question and abide by this principle while answering the exam paper. If followed strictly, then such a situation would not arise that you miss out answering any question. In fact the time management would be so accurate that you would have a little time left as extra time to revisit some answers if need be, at the end of the exam session. Answers can be given in short and precise method, bullet points should be avoided and each point has to be explained in a couple of lines.

At times, brevity may not work to fetch more marks. It is worth including more content in some answers to demonstrate the breadth of knowledge that the NEBOSH examiners are seeking from the examinees. This could help them earn a few more marks. The student should have the discerning power which type of NEBOSH Diploma exam question require a short answer and which one has to be explained in detail. Furthermore, when delivering answers the tutors of the NEBOSH Training caution the delegates to stick to the command verb, and avoid answering in a list format. Therefore for such questions, where one has to simply expand the ‘list’ of relevant authorities into a short paragraph, could be punctuated with semi-colons: for example:

“Government employers that could prosecute the employer include The Health and Safety Executive; Local Authorities; the Office of the Rail Regulator; the Director of Public Prosecutions and in Scotland, the Procurator Fiscal.”

Answering in a manner which would fetch maximum marks the NEBOSH Diploma exam questions, is what is being taught in the course training by experienced tutors who are well versed with the tricks of procuring good marks in these examinations.

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