NEBOSH Diploma Exam

NEBOSH Diploma Exam

NEBOSH Diploma exam

NEBOSH Diploma exam is a measure how well the candidate has prepared to test his knowledge of the course. After days of hard work by the candidates and close guidance by the tutors, they sit for the NEBOSH Diploma exam to challenge their learning and grasping power of the course that they have taken to learn all about safety and health in the occupational environment. Generally speaking, exams are held in the third full week of January and in the first week of July unless there has been an announcement beforehand about a variant date. The NEBOSH Diploma question papers for the first three Units 1A, 1B and 1C are distributed to the examinees on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. Students, who have taken up the course, get their enrolment for these NEBOSH Diploma exams and get an entrance ticket to sit for the exam. They are also informed about an enrolment period which does not get over before the exam sitting. Some excellent tips are advised to pass the NEBOSH Diploma exam with good marks.

Applicants take up the course either to get a job or to get a promotion in their existing job. If you have the target always as your guiding star you would put in enough effort to pass in the exams. You would be bang on the target if you scout the internet to check out how much salary these jobs offer and that should be impetus enough for you to work hard. So keeping your eyes on the bull’s eye, really works. You should take up the revision course which ideally helps to go over the syllabus again and clarify all your doubts. The past papers are also available for the students to actually create a mock exam ambience and start answering the past papers which would really give you an idea to check the level of your preparation. This is the key to pass the NEBOSH  Diploma exams with flying colours. When you are preparing for the exams you have to consciously keep a positive frame of mind and give enough breaks in between the tedious hours of preparation.

This helps to refresh your mind and you can grasp more. The students should approach a mind mapping technique which is a very good method for the slow learners. Adopting the technique of mnemonics also, helps the student to remember the key points of the topic and can prevent memory loss. For egg,: To Remember the types of Guards in Machines, the mnemonic FIAT – Fixed guard , Interlocked Guard , Adjustable Guard , Trip switch, is adopted to assist retention and recall. Each and every chapter in NEBOSH, there is a number of Mnemonics which is really most important in your NEBOSH Diploma exam preparations. Besides this if you take down your own notes while going through the chapters it helps to revise them in brief just before the NEBOSH Diploma exams and reap good results.

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