NEBOSH Exam Fees

NEBOSH Exam Fees

The NEBOSH exam fees would be different for different exams that the candidate is appearing for. Only after the candidate pay for the registration fee for the exam, he would be eligible to sit for the exam. Just about enrolling in the course does not automatically give him the eligibility to sit for the exam. Suppose you have paid the NEBOSH exam fees and now for some personal reason you are unable to sit for the exam the NEBOSH exam fees cannot be transferred to another sitting for any reason whatsoever. The candidate would be marked absent on the date of the examination and at the next time you would like to sit for the exam you would have to pay the full NEBOSH exam fees. In case of any medical reason a 70% refund is possible on furnishing a medical certificate. You would also like to know whether the NEBOSH exam fees would be refunded if you were unable to sit for the exam for some inevitable circumstances. One month from the date of the examination if a refund claim is made he could get a 70% refund of the fees, if his application has been accepted.

But it is up to the discretion of the course provider and the NEBOSH management if the application would get accepted and official approval is acquired. Applicants could request for special consideration if they had missed out a part of the examination due to unforeseen circumstances but the appeal loses ground if they were conspicuously absent from the whole examination.  However, if any adjustment is made for any special consideration, it will always be minor in order to both safeguard the overall marking standard and it is ensured that it is not unfairly at a disadvantage to other candidates.  For this reason, NEBOSH recommends that students absent for more than 25% of the time allowed should re-take the examination at a future date. If a candidate directly asks for some access to the subject of personal information NEBOSH would search its database for such information whereas if a third party requests information, it has to be a written request, with confirmation of identity and with a certain payment. But no candidate can view the answer sheets which is made very clear right in the beginning of the course.

There is no legal obligation to provide access to the answer sheets. Even the results are not up to the expectation of the examinee he would not have access to the exam answer sheets. No feedback is also provided to the candidate on his performance in the exam. There is no access allowed to the assignments which are submitted by the candidate to NEBOSH. NEBOSH exams are held periodically throughout the year in March, June, September and December. The course provider has a list of exam centres which it is declared in its website and the candidate can choose anyone of them as per his convenience.

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