NEBOSH Fees Details

NEBOSH Fees Details

Since the courses trained by NEBOSH have an international accreditation they are acclaimed by the whole world and the multinationals are waiting to employ them. The NEBOSH fees details vary from one course provider to another and all fees should be paid in Indian Rupees. The candidate must pay the full fees right in the beginning to get the registration and process orders. Several methods of payment are used like cash payment, cheque or banker’s draft which is payable at Chennai or wherever the candidate wishes to do the course from, bank transfer is also possible and all the NEBOSH fees details and the bank details are published in the course provider’s website. All the bank charges of the receiving bank have to be paid by the candidate. Some of the course providers allow the student to pay in installments but those NEBOSH fees details of the payment in installments may differ from one course provider to the other. There are several details which have to be looked into about the refund of the NEBOSH fees in case of a cancellation.

Cancellation has to be confirmed in mail as a scanned copy signed by the candidate or as a hard copy and cancellation made 2 weeks before the commencement of training will not be refunded at any cost.
When cancellation is made 3 weeks prior to the commencement of training, the candidate is returned 50% of the registration charges paid. Similarly cancellation made before 4 weeks (and above) prior to the commencement of training will be deducted 15% towards administration cost of the registration charges paid. Each course provider has different structure of payment of different courses offered and it is advisable for the candidate to make a detailed survey of the market before he actually pays the fees. It is not only the NEBOSH fees details that he has to inspect but he also has to understand the history of the institution from which he would do the course, the syllabus and the level of teaching along with the infrastructure available for the candidate. The receipt provided by the institute has to be kept aside safely as it might be required by the candidate to be produced at any time in case of dispute or affirmation.

The NEBOSH fees details would have several parts into different heading and specific amounts mentioned under different headings, like study material, tuition fees, miscellaneous etc. Sometimes there is a combo offer by different course providers and the NEBOSH fees details would be changed according to the different courses in combination. For example a particular course provider would be giving a combo like NEBOSH IGC + Master Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Risk Management + UK approved Fire Safety and First Aid and it would cost the participant approximately Rest. 50000/- for a 10 day classroom comprehensive study. The NEBOSH fee details would also vary with the type of learning like classroom, e-learning or a combination of both.

NEBOSH Fees Details:

  • NEBOSH IGC = Rs. 42,000
  • NEBOSH IGC + Scaffolding Inspector at Rs 49,000
  • NEBOSH International Diploma = Rs.1,15,000

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