NEBOSH General Certificate Pass Rates

NEBOSH General Certificate Pass Rates

The NEBOSH General Certificate pass rates can be improved by taking some measures by the course providers. The first and the foremost is that the infrastructure at the institute has to be of a good standard. The classroom should have proper seating arrangements and there should be sufficient light with a good air conditioning system. Teachers should be provided with the necessary tools of teaching. Drinking water should be made available as a basic amenity. The teaching staff should be of a superlative quality. Experts are brought in to teach and the selection of teachers with good teaching experience is mandatory for good NEBOSH General Certificate pass rates. It is to be ensured that the teacher who has ample knowledge should be able to express to the students, they have to come down to the level of the students’ level of understanding and then attempt to explain the topic. Good interpersonal skills play a significant role. Applicants have to be screened before they are given admission. Only those applicants who really have a desire to take up the course seriously should be allowed to get admission.

The course provider can be assured of good NEBOSH general Certificate pass rates by making the study materials and the books available as quickly as possible, so that not much time lapses between the time the course commences and the availability of the study materials. The good quality of the study materials also gives a kind of guarantee that the final results would be something to look forward to and the NEBOSH general Certificate pass rates would be really remarkable. All efforts are made by the tutors to improve the performances of the students by explaining each topic in its minute detail and they are always ready to sort out student and learning issues. They are available on the internet over mail and on their mobile phones. At the end of each chapter there are sample questions related to the topic completed and sample answers are also suggested. The teachers discuss these question answers in great detail and only when the students feel confident about the chapter they proceed to the next chapter.

Besides these, the NEBOSH general Certificate pass rates can be remarkably improved by taking up the Revision Course which could be a 2-3 days course with an extra payment. The same topics are revisited and all the doubts with relation to the difficult chapters are solved and the nitty gritty is discussed. The NEBOSH site also gives the tips how to score better marks and when followed, distinction marks are assured. It is a matter of great pride when the course provider has a 100 percent successful batch of students. The score board of the course provider looks like this:

Pass rates based on UK Standard and ‘On Demand’ examination sitting dates

Jan – Mar 14 72% 85% 90%
Apr – Jun 14 53% 76% 92%
Jul – Sep 14 54% 77% 89%
Oct – Dec 14 60% 82% 90%

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