NEBOSH General Certificate Past Papers

NEBOSH General Certificate Past Papers

NEBOSH General Certificate past papers

To go through the NEBOSH General Certificate past papers is an excellent method of revision. To take the classes in the training room is good enough but you may not find that sufficient enough to answer all types of questions or to genuinely understand the method of questions asked in the NEBOSH exams. Students who enrol themselves for the course are eligible to get access to the NEBOSH General Certificate past papers. This treasure box of questions helps the students to get a real picture of the exams scenario. If they take up one year’s past paper in a quiet place and set aside three hours for answering these questions, they can easily comprehend how much they know in terms of the subject. The course of occupational safety and health is not a cake walk but it needs a lot of grinding and burning the midnight oil. Their answers of the past papers can be submitted to the teachers who would correct their answers and let them know the marks. The tutors, based on their performance, help them to clarify their doubts and guide them to give a better performance. This gives them a better understanding of what the exam questions look like and how the questions are laid out.

A range of NEBOSH National Diploma past papers are available on the NEBOSH website. As part of your revision, you can work out a way through the past paper questions using the course materials and revision notes. It is better that you prepare answers making sure you relate it back to the scenario in the question. You can keep these answers as part of your revision notes so that you can read through them at a later date. It is recommended that you download these NEBOSH General Certificate past papers a  week before the day of the exam , print them, and  test yourself in an exam scenario. After the exam time is up the tutors assess your performance. You can quiz yourself on things like did you have enough time to answer the questions fully? Are there areas that need more revision and attention? Could you plan your answers to the essay style questions-this self-assessment will allow you to focus your revision on key areas before the exam and will give you much better time management on the day of the exam? It is sensible to always attempt every question.

If you are struggling to think of a full answer you can come back to that question at the end but make sure you write at least something down for an answer, in order to get at least a few marks. Make sure you answer the question that was asked. Simply relaying facts about that particular topic is not going to get you the full marks; you have to make sure that you are answering the exact question that was asked. It is important that during the exam the questions have to be thoroughly read and the key words and important phrases to be identified. You can benefit immensely by solving the NEBOSH General Certificate past papers.

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