NEBOSH General Certificate Revision

NEBOSH General Certificate Revision

NEBOSH General Certificate revision

The NEBOSH General Certificate revision course is suitable for anyone sitting for the NEBOSH National General Certificate exams. The revision courses for NGC1 and GC2 are separately available but are usually attempted together, with one and a half days on each paper. The revision course is three days in total, but each can be taken in different sittings. Three days can be utilized for revision and the fourth day could be for taking the NEBOSH exams, enabling the examine to put exam skills into practice immediately. It is indeed a challenge to get through the NEBOSH exams and that’s what makes them so sought after in the job market. So much effort and money is spent on doing the course, it is just the last leg of the race that the student needs to run to win the race. To make the most of it taking up the NEBOSH General Certificate revision course is a good choice.

Going through the same topics does help you understand where you stand in terms of your knowledge and retention capacity. The entire syllabus of the General Certificate is summed up in this NEBOSH General Certificate revision course and really helps you brush your skills in the last minute. It proves to be a clincher of sorts. The National General Certificate exam lasts for two hours for the syllabus which is divided into 3 parts. The first two units NGC1 and NGC2 are assessed by written exam. It is important that you understand how the marks are divided among the different questions and how best you should do your time allotment among these. There is one long answer question and 10 short answer questions. The long answer carries 20 marks and each short answer carries 8 marks. According to the assignment of marks the time has to be divided. The long answer could be allotted 20 minutes and the short answers could be allotted 8-10 minutes.

The NEBOSH General Certificate revision could be approached keeping these marking of questions in mind. The examinees should not leave any question unattempted as all questions are compulsory and there is no negative mark. The examiners look for possibilities to award marks to the students so there is a good chance of procuring some marks even if the student attempts to answer questions about which he does not have much knowledge or may not exactly remember the answer. Even if he answers vaguely relevant to the question he would be definitely given a couple of marks. The NEBOSH General Certificate revision course helps him learn that all questions have to be answered in relevance to what is asked rather than beating around the bush or answering what you know than what is being asked. You have to necessarily stick to the timing that you have decided to allot to each question and even if you have not completed the answer move on to the next question otherwise the paper would have a few unanswered questions.

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