NEBOSH IGC Exam Questions

NEBOSH IGC Exam Questions

NEBOSH IGC exam questions

The NEBOSH IGC exam questions are completely based on the syllabus prescribed by the course. We would discuss a question as asked in one of the past papers:

Q Replacement or repair of damaged plant and equipment is a cost that an organisation may face following a workplace accident.

The sample answer to get the maximum marks in this NEBOSH IGC exam question is:

It is to your greatest advantage when asked about costs you should think in terms of insured cost rather than those of uninsured costs that is costs which are associated with loss of production or damage to materials rather than reduction in the employee morale etc. This question can be attempted to be answered in terms of direct and indirect costs of the accident to the company. Indirect costs such as a hike in insurance premiums, uninsured criminal and civil actions and harm caused to the image of the organization and the student can collect more marks when he focuses on these areas.

When there are sub groups in a question it is mandatory that the answers are clearly marked and sub divided in the answer sheet as well. The answers have to be neatly written and labelled. This gives a good impression and the chances to get better marks are much more. The handwriting has to be legible and look tidy on the paper. If the NEBOSH IGC exam questions demand that the answer should be divided into paragraphs it should be written in that manner, reflecting the mood of the question. Your answers should have sufficient depth to get full marks. You should take care that certain questions might demand lengthy answers but time is an important factor to be paid heed to and you have to strictly go by the time that you have allotted each question, otherwise you might end up in missing answering a few questions at the far end of the exam. It is necessary to stick to your timings. It is sensible not to leave out any question since there is no negative marking and you benefit in answering all the questions, even if you seem to be faltering at a few.

If you want you can come back and add a few details later when you have managed to save some time having answered all the NEBOSH IGC exam questions. The marking system is such that it can turn into your advantage. If you attend a revision course of the training you can easily get all your doubts clarified and revisit the delicate topics and take the help of your tutors. The tutors are always available to help you in your training period and outside if any additional help is required. Solving of past papers can be of a great people because that helps to understand the level of preparation done by the student. It shows a clear picture of which portions need more preparation and which needs less. NEBOSH IGC exam questions serve as a scale to understand your compatibility of the subject.

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