NEBOSH IGC Model Question Papers

NEBOSH IGC Model Question Papers

NEBOSH IGC model question papers

NEBOSH IGC model question papers are available to give maximum exposure to students to the reality of a NEBOSH examination environment. It is unlikely that you would immediately get accustomed to the exam ambiance the very first time you sit for the exam, therefore it is logical that mock exam situations are created with NEBOSH IGC model question papers and the student gets acclimatized to it. The more practice he does on these model question papers the more revision he gets so that he is not taken unawares by the pattern of the questions or the subject matter during the actual exam. He goes completely prepared to fight the battle and maybe because of his excellent preparation he could also enjoy his writing the exam. There are certain answering techniques of the NEBOSH IGC model question papers which they could master by right guidance and continuous effort. In NEBOSH examinations it is essential to follow the command words which would ascertain getting good marks and almost assures a place in the distinction grades. The command words are define; describe; identify; name; suggest; calculate; locate; complete; compare; contrast etc. It is essential that the examinees thoroughly understand these, before they attempt the NEBOSH exams. This is important to check how much the student has understood the subject and his demonstration skills. Let us take a couple of the command words to understand how to attempt answering it. The word “identify”:

Question: Identify three types of legal duties that the employer has to comply with?


  • To provide a safe work place
  • To Provide a safe system of work
  • To Provide a safe work equipment

For this type of questions simply mentioning the three types of legal duties is enough there is no need to explain them.

The command word “outline”

Question: Outline ways in which workers perception of hazards shall be improved?


  • Training :  By Providing training to increase awareness about hazards
  • Campaigns : By Creating awareness by campaigns
  • Removing distractions :  by removing excessive noise , temperature and other distractions in workplace
  • Motivation: By motivating the employees during safety compliance actions.
  • Making hazards obvious: Providing warning signs and posters around the site to make the hazards obvious.

The NEBOSH IGC model question papers help you to bear in mind that maximum marks will be achieved in the initial few minutes of answering the questions. Therefore you have to move on the next question when the time allotted to that question has got over. You could come back later to this question if you manage to save some time at the end of the exam session. This is what your action plan should be when you sit for the NEBOSH exam. The plan is to develop a technique to answer all questions but limit yourself to the time limit you have decided for each question. Approaching the exam with an action plan is a battle half won. The 120 minutes has to be divided by the entire NEBOSH IGC model question paper. This means 9 minutes for each 8 mark question and then you would have some extra time left with you, to revisit some questions to modify, add or delete, if need be.

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