NEBOSH IGC Past Papers

NEBOSH IGC Past Papers

NEBOSH IGC past papers

The NEBOSH IGC past papers truly test the level of preparation of the candidate and it makes a lot of sense to procure these past papers and solve them while clocking the time. It is essential for the student to move from the position of ignorance in the first attempt of solving the NEBOSH IGC past papers to a level of substantial knowledge in the second or the third attempt. In the actual examination he would perform much better and could even have resounding success. The tutors with their wide experience would generally guide the students that long extensive answers are not required in the IGC exams. A deep knowledge of the topics is not necessary, only to the point answers are required. Time management is the key to success well learnt from solving the NEBOSH IGC past papers. If more time is spent on some questions in the initial part of the question paper then there is a fair chance that some questions at the end of the question paper would have to be skipped.

Questions have to be answered within the uniformed time allotment and having answered all the questions and you have a little extra time you can revisit the questions which you think need a little more writing than what you have already written. It has to be remembered that even when the allotted time has expired to answer that question, you got to move on to the next question abiding by the time restriction you have planned for each question. The NEBOSH IGC past papers also give you the need to make some other preparations for the exam, like to carry few good pens to write the exam with, a watch to time yourself, a highlighter pen could also be used to highlight some points which need to attract more attention or can be used to underline a sentence or two, maybe a pair of reading glasses or even a chocolate to cater to the sugar rush that you might need to.

Labelling of the answers is very important and if there are sub sections they have to be clearly demarcated and answered in the same sequence. To do well in the NEBOSH IGC past papers, it is sensible to make your own notes to remember the key points of the important questions and find out methods to remember them and recall them at that instant. For this you can practice the trick of mnemonics to recall at the earliest and write it down before you miss the chance. The Examiners are looking to give you marks and it would be sheer stupidity to miss answering a few questions because there is no negative marking. It is sensible for the students to answer something , even if they know the answers very vaguely , which could fetch you some marks which would be definitely be better than a zero. It is also important to answer questions that have been asked rather than write an answer which you happen to know. Answer has to be relevant to the topic rather than beating around the bush. Content does matter but should have relevance.

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