NEBOSH IGC Question and Answers

NEBOSH IGC question and answers

There are three examinations, IGC1, IGC2 and IGC3 . The first and the second involve NEBOSH IGC question and answers in a written format and the last one is a practical assessment. All the three papers have to be passed to be successful in the NEBOSH examination. Unfortunately if you are unsuccessful in one you have to re-sit the exam to get the qualification. For every paper that the candidate sits for, he gets the certificate for each separately, provided he has managed to pass in it. The course takes place in batches and the examination dates are pre announced as soon as the batches of study are announced. The NEBOSH IGC question and answers are set in a manner that it covers the defined syllabus and the candidate is quizzed to make him comfortable with every aspect of safety and occupational health. Each question has the marks specified and all the questions are compulsory. The examiner is looking for opportunity to give you marks and therefore there is no negative marking, you should answer all the questions since you have nothing to lose. The only thing that has to be considered is that your answer is relevant to the question and not answer what you know but answer what has been asked in the question paper. The candidates are well prepared through persistent practice of the past papers and when the students get to answer them then the tutors correct them to understand their level of preparation. The past papers help them understand how much more has to be done and on what topics. The NEBOSH IGC questions and answers are a comprehensive content of the entire IGC syllabus in a nutshell. There is no minimum educational requirement for eligibility to the NEBOSH exam. There is no bar for age too, but if the candidate has experience then it is beneficial for better course understanding. He need not be working in a specific industry to be eligible for this examination. The knowledge of English is required since the course material is in English and it is much easier for him to understand and is also able to fetch more marks if he is fluent in English. The medium of instruction for the tutors generally speaking is mostly English. Knowing English also helps him to get better job opportunities abroad and he has improved bargaining powers. Sample NEBOSH IGC questions and answers are provided to help them prepare for the final exam.  These NEBOSH IGC questions and answers are prepared by the talented teachers who are experts in their respective fields and have years of experience both in the industry and teaching. The NEBOSH course materials are of good quality, well laid out and replete with diagrams and graphs, making the entire course interesting to study. The tutors are well qualified to work as mentors with the students who can answer any NEBOSH IGC question and answers. This is a course which gives a well-rewarded career to the candidate.

Example question paper and Examiners’ feedback on expected answers: