NEBOSH Results

NEBOSH Results

NEBOSH results

The candidates of the NEBOSH examinations obviously await their NEBOSH results eagerly, for they have indeed worked hard to expect positive results or even distinction marks. When the delegates sit for their written exam, the date on which the NEBOSH results would be published is mentioned on the examination entry notification. All the procedures involved with the course and the results by NEBOH are meticulously planned and implemented. The practical assessment for the Certificate level course should be undertaken within 14 days of the written exam. This is specifically done so that the cumulative marks include both the theoretical and the practical assessment examinations. This would give the full picture of the student’s performance with regard to the occupational safety and health course that he has decided to complete. NEBOSH result notifications are not revealed through telephones since secrecy is highly maintained and no dilution in rules is allowed. All intimations are furnished through written communications. All NEBOSH results have to be informed with a period of ten weeks from the date of the written examination. There are certain queries which have been regularly put forward to NEBOSH management.

For instance in case the student has not been able to sit for the exam or he has been marked absent for the same, can he transfer his registration fee to another sitting. Transfer is not possible and he would be marked absent for that sitting and full payment would be collected at the next examination sitting. But a refund of 70% is allowed due to medical reasons. Whether refunds are permitted – refund claims must be made within one calendar month since the date of the exam. Case by case consideration is done and if approved 70% refund is only allowed. Students could apply for a special consideration, for a part of the exam, under unforeseen circumstances, but not for the entire examination. Students who remain absent for more than 25% of the time permitted should re-take the exam at a future date.

After the NEBOSH results are announced, the candidate may not be happy with the results and might wish to see his corrected answer sheets are not allowed to do so. The NEBOSH management is not legally bound to do so, taking recourse to the exemption clause of the Schedule 7, Paragraph 9 of the Data Protection Act. Any feedback is disallowed on the performance of the student on the basis of his NEBOSH exams. He cannot base his future improvement on this feedback. For further help he can practice the past papers and submit his answers to his tutors who would guide him according to the standard of his answers. The candidates are also not allowed to keep the question papers for their future reference. No question paper can be taken out from the examination hall. If the students desires to have an electronic copy of their Unit Qualification parchment they will not be permitted to do so because of security reasons, but a scanned copy could be sent or even be mailed to his postal address.

Results due by

Examinations on standard dates

Students will receive their results as follows:

December 2015 examinations by Friday 26 February 2016
March 2016 examinations by Friday 13 May 2016
June 2016 examinations by Friday 12 August 2016
September 2016 examinations by Friday 18 November 2016

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