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NVQ Diploma

NVQ Diploma

All about the NVQ Diploma

The full form of NVQ is National Vocational Qualification. It is considered to be a work based qualification that recognizes the knowledge and skills of a person, who is required to undertake a specified job. The person is expected to prove his or her competency and demonstrate it to prove their chosen career path or role.

How NVQ Diploma can provide competency to the candidate?

Candidates who undergo the diploma program in NVQ can definitely learn and imbibe themselves to be highly competitive and have an edge over the others. Candidates are required to display very clearly that they do have the suitable knowledge, understanding, skills and efficiency to carry out different types of tasks that are associated with the job role.

What does this program cover?

According to the experts, this program is known to cover a huge range of subjects that are devoted to almost every type of occupational area present in the business segment.

Health and Safety NVQ Diploma

Qualification Level:

NVQ Level 3 Diploma  – City and Guilds NVQ Level 3 Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

NVQ Level 5 Diploma – City and Guilds NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice

What are the different benefits availed by undertaking the NVQ program?

There are said to be different benefits targeted at different types of groups, which are enumerated below:

Benefits derived by the individual:

  • NVQ Diploma is regarded to be a flexible route towards becoming qualified within the workplace and there are no examinations conducted for the procedure.
  • The certification that is provided on the successful completion of the course helps the person to show his ca abilities and qualifications of having met the national standards for undertaking occupational role.
  • Getting better access for availing recognized qualifications, especially for those employees not having any kind of formal education.
  • Enhanced transferability and employability.

Benefits derived by employers:

  • It is regarded to be an effective way to develop staff to national recognized standards that results in enhanced efficiency.
  • Evidence gathering and on-the-job training. Hence, employee facing less downtime.
  • Availing this particular diploma, the candidate is able to perform his job to his capability and the satisfaction of his employers and clients. The candidate is able to perform his task as based upon what capability they have instead of what they know.
  • The qualification does ensure the employees to be up to date since they are able to use the best practices and industry standards.
  • The qualification does train the person to demonstrate very high commitment towards quality, both externally and internally to customers.

RedHat Safety Training Providing NVQ Diploma Courses

This course is for all who aspire to become an Grad IOSH.


NVQ Diploma Course Selection of useful files for you to download

1 – Introduction to Train the Trainer Programme

2 – How to start a Training Session

3 – Experiential Learning

4 – Communication Skills

5 – Managing Groups in Training

6 – Designing a Training Session

7 – Closing the Training Session